Install Snipcart Products Package

In addition to the 4 module packages you also need to install the Snipcart products package!

The products package contains product templates, files, fields and some demo pages required to build a Snipcart product catalogue. This additional step is needed to prevent unintended deletion of your Snipcart products catalogue when the main module is uninstalled. These resources need to be removed manually if you like to completely uninstall SnipWire!

Please note: the products package also provides sample templates to demonstrate how shop products could be rendered. These templates are only working with the Regular site profile and with activated ProcessWire functions API. To use these templates in production environment, they must be adapted to your own requirements.

To install the additional products package open the SnipWire module config page and click the Install Snipcart products package link under Additional Steps section.

Screenshot - SnipWire configuration: Install Snipcart products package
SnipWire configuration: Install Snipcart products package