GoodNewsConfirmSubscription Snippet

What is GoodNewsConfirmSubscription?

GoodNewsConfirmSubscription is a simple Snippet to confirm and activate a subscription initiated by the GoodNewsSubscription Snippet when &activation property was set to 1 (the default).

This is called double opt-in and is mandatory to use for subscription based systems in most countries.

How to use the Snippet

You need to place the Snippet in the content of the Resource (activation page) where the user will be sent to via a link from the activation email.

Default properties for the Snippet

The GoodNewsConfirmSubscription Snippet implements the following properties:

Property Description Default
unsubscribeResourceId The ID of the resource for one-click unsubscription.  
profileResourceId The ID of the resource for editing the mailing profile.  
sendSubscriptionEmail Wether or not to send user an email after successful subscription. 0 (= false)
subscriptionEmailSubject The subject of the subscription email. lexicon string
subscriptionEmailTpl The template for the subscription email. sample.GoodNewsSubscriptionEmailTpl
subscriptionEmailTplAlt If set, will use this template instead of subscriptionEmailTpl (e.g. for plaintext mails).  
requestLinksEmailTplType The type of tpl provided for the request links email. modChunk
errorPage If set, subscribers will be redirected to a custom error page if they try to re-access this page after activating their subscription.  

An example GoodNewsConfirmSubscription Snippet call would look like this:

    &subscriptionEmailSubject=`Your subscription to our newsletter service at [[++site_name]] was successful!`

You can read more about the handling of subscription and activation in the GoodNewsSubscription Snippet documentation.