GoodNewsUnSubscription Snippet

What is GoodNewsUnSubscription?

GoodNewsUnSubscription is a simple Snippet to perform 1-click unsubscriptions by clicking a link in an email.

This quick opt-out is mandatory to use for subscription based systems in most countries.

How to use the Snippet

You need to place the Snippet in the content of the Resource (unsubscribe page) where the user will be sent to via a special link from a newsletter email.

Default properties for the Snippet

The GoodNewsUnSubscription Snippet implements the following properties:

Property Description Default
errTpl A Chunk for error output. <span class="error">[[+error]]</span>
preHooks A comma-separated list of 'hooks' (Snippets), that will be executed before the user is unsubscribed.  
postHooks A comma-separated list of 'hooks' (Snippets), that will be executed after the user is unsubscribed.  
sendUnauthorizedPage Whether or not to redirect a Subscriber to the unauthorized page if his authentication is not verified. 0 = false
submitVar The name of the form submit button that triggers the submission. goodnews-unsubscribe-btn
successKey The name of the key submitted as url param in case of success. unsubsuccess
removeUserData Whether or not to completely remove all user data from database after unsubscription.
(This does not remove or deactivate MODX users with MODX user groups assigned or sudo! Those user will only have related GoodNews data removed.)
placeholderPrefix The prefix to use for all placeholders set by this snippet.  

An example GoodNewsUnSubscription Snippet call would look like this:


Sample Unsubscription Form

For a sample form for 1-click unsubscription, please have a look at the code below.

<div class="main">
    <h2>One-click unsubscription</h2>
        <p class="errorMsg">[[!+error.message]]</p>
        To immediately unsubscribe from our newsletter service please click the <strong>Unsubscribe now</strong> button below.
    <form id="profileform" class="gon-form" action="[[~[[*id]]]]?sid=[[!+sid]]" method="post">
            <button type="submit" role="button" name="goodnews-unsubscribe-btn" value="Unsubscribe" class="button green">Unsubscribe now</button>

You can read about the handling of subscription and activation in the GoodNewsSubscription Snippet documentation.