SMTP Mail Settings

This document is a work in progress!

GoodNews uses the built in MODX Mail functions for all sending processes. It is strongly recommended to activate SMTP server and authentication.

There are two possibilities to activate and manage SMTP settings:

  1. via MODX System settings (all mails sent via your MODX instance - including all GoodNews mailing containers - will use the same SMTP settings)
  2. or preferable via seperate settings in each GoodNews mailing container

Manage SMTP Settings via MODX System settings

You can find the MODX SMTP Mail settings in MODX Menu / System Settings / Area: Mail.

(Screenshot: MODX Mail Settings (SMTP))

Seperate SMTP Settings for each GoodNews mailing container (this is the preferred method!)

Each GoodNews Mailing Container can hold it's own set of SMTP settings, which can be edited by right-clicking a container from the list and choosing Edit Container Settings.

The GoodNews container settings are protected and can only be edited by authorized users.

(Screenshot: GoodNews Management Interface - Settings - Container)