GoodNews Mailings Tab

This document is a work in progress!

Managing Mailings

The Mailings area is the heart of the GoodNews management interface. From here you can create, edit, delete, test and last but not least send your group mailings and newsletters. All Mailing Resources from all Mailing Containers are managed from within this central area. This is also valid for Containers spread across different Contexts.

Basically GoodNews Mailings are customized MODX resources (Custom Resource Types) with additional meta data to store email specific informations. GoodNews Mailing Resources are not visible in the MODX tree. Only their corresponding Containers are visible and can be treated like any other MODX Resources.

(Screenshot: GoodNews Management Interface - Mailings tab)

Live view

To get live informations during sending (see how many mails are currently sent and which status the mailing has), please set Auto-Refresh to ON. If Auto-Refresh is activated, the mailings grid will automatically refresh periodically (each 5 seconds).

(Screenshot: GoodNews Management Interface - Mailings tab - live view / Auto-Refresh)

Please note, that you don't have to leave open the GoodNews web interface while sending mails. Your mailings will also be delivered if you close your web browser and shut down the computer!

Switching between Mailing Containers

To switch between the available GoodNews Containers you can use the dropdown in the top right area of the management interface.
Please note that the dropdown only lists Containers the current user is entitled to manage.

(Screenshot: GoodNews Management Interface - Choose a Mailings Container)